Phase 2 At Whistler – What You Can Expect From The RMOW

BAW4.2Some reading this blog have wondered how can a Whistler Phase 2 real estate project get to this point?

We ask the same question.

Owners at this Phase 2 project spent a lot of time – almost 2 years – trying to engage the City of Whistler in thoughtful and professional dialogue to see if they might be able to help the project.  Since we were privately told by some at the RMOW that they were appalled by the situation, and it does seem to be well within the RMOW’s responsibilities to apply its own rules, this seemed a logical thing to do.

Each communication took months to get a response back and each time the response normally came in a brief letter or email that said that they weren’t prepared to do anything to change the status quo.  Never any additional thought or suggestions.

Attached is but one example of a letter we have previously sent the City Officials at Whistler so people can see how much effort goes into these things only to have them disregarded.  Letter to Mayor 2013

We’d welcome any questions or comments readers might have.

And as always……we will continue this effort as long as the City of Whistler allows a manager to abuse a Phase 2 covenant to lock us out of our rooms.

Beware Phase 2 property until the City of Whistler starts standing up and doing the right thing.

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