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BAW4.2As we finish up our 3rd week since launching, our website and social media continues to help us reach new audiences.

We all know that Whistler is a world class resort and the interest in this City both as a tourist destination but also as a potential investment opportunity, continues to capture peoples interest.

As you read our blog, you realize that we are an international assortment of people who love Whistler. Unfortunately we all invested in a Whistler Phase 2 project called the Nita Lake Lodge and our experience was and continues to be a rather negative one.

In short, we have an aggressive investor and unit owner who unilaterally decided to make himself manager. He used our units for over a year, didn’t pay us and has now locked us out of our rooms. He claims that he can do  all of this because the Whistler covenant allows him to do so. This would otherwise seem unbelievable, but its true.

So after 2 years of seeking the City of Whistler’s help to stop this manager from using their covenant to justify his behavior, we’ve received no help from the City and find ourselves in the unfortunate position of having raise the level of public discourse about our situation.

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Thankfully we continue to gain momentum and while we only have 3ooo plus Twitter followers the amount of local and international interest in our issue is reassuring.

In our last week we reached 23,000 views on Twitter, had 117 retweets and 110 people “favorited” our various posts (see the included summary from Twitter)

We will continue this effort as long as we remain locked out of our rooms and the City of Whistler allows the Nita Lake manager to abuse their covenant.

To all other current or potential Whistler Phase 2 investors, we urge you to be careful, if this can happen to us, it can happen to you.

Thanks for all the interest, questions, comments and sharing!



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