Beware At Whistler Website – Week 2 Recap

BAW4.2So we’ve just completed our 2nd week since launching the website

We really didn’t want to have to do this. But after approaching the City of Whistler (RMOW), the Mayor and City Council about our situation and asking for their help for more than 2 years, all we got from the RMOW was avoidance.  We feel we need to share this problem with the larger community – as a world-class destination, Whistler’s success depends on a stable, predictable market for guests and owners alike –  and we  hope that the RMOW appreciates the long term significance of enabling abuses of its model.  We hope, as always, to restore confidence in the Phase 2 model.

Site highlights from the last week;

– We added significantly more bandwidth to the website to accommodate the extra traffic as it was loading very slowly last week. We apologize. Nothing worse than trying to read something and it loading slowly.

According to Google Analytics the average visitor is accessing 3.69 pages and spending over 4 minutes on average. Those visiting are taking time to read and understand the situation, which is appreciated.

–  Visitors accessing the site this last week came from the States, Vancouver, London, Tokyo, Whistler and several cities in Australia. We see the international traffic is growing.

– The article in the Whistler Pique helped add some additional Whistler traffic to the site. Since we publish new blogs daily on the site, we hope everybody will keep coming back. Also please keep the suggestions for new blog topics coming!

– Thanks to the Whistler locals who asked if we were trying to get rid of the Phase 2 covenant model altogether.  Thank you.  We explained absolutely not……we’re simply trying to get the City to actively administer the ones we have and not allow them to be abused by opportunistic managers. The locals we’ve spoken to are shocked to find we were actually locked out of our rooms.

– Finally thanks to the Whistler real estate community for taking an interest and asking what we were trying to accomplish. While we got some concerns about us being so vocal against the entire Phase 2 model, once we explained a little further they did understand the severity of our situation. To all, real estate agents…..Phase 2 can work, we believe it but we all collectively need to remind the City that the covenants are theirs and they need to get into the game to make the model work. If they help us, they restore confidence to a Phase 2 market.

Check the site out everyday or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google + for the latest updates.

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