Beware At Whistler Website – Week 1 Recap

BAW4.2Just a quick note to thank everybody for their support , comments and retweets this last week.

As you all know we launched this last week and in doing this we learned a lot.

First we apologize that our site was loading slowly. We hadn’t anticipated as much traffic as we had.

We are adding additional bandwidth to handle the traffic and you should see a notable difference in page load speed in the next 48 hours.

We learned that people are engaged in this subject. Just to share a few stats from Google Analytics….. The average visitor accessed 3.3 pages on the site and spent a total time of 4.2 minutes on the site. Visitors came from the City of Whistler itself, Vancouver and and places like the States, London, Australia, Japan and Singapore.h

Additionally, we’d like to thank the folks that reached out to us with thoughts and perspective.  We learned there are issues with Whistler Phase 2 covenants at other projects as well, and that dissatisfaction with the RMOW’s approach to the Phase 2 model is already more widespread than we had understood. That’s something we’ll be exploring further.

We also learned about some places where, with some prudent flexibility around Whistler’s covenants, Whistler’s real estate model works really well. So it seems it all comes back to the RMOW.

Also, we’d like to thank the media from the Boston Globe to The New York Business Journal to Yahoo Finance for covering this story and retweeting our blogs. We thank the others who are working on stories for taking the time to carefully research and communicate about what unfortunately have been some pretty important, murky issues with Whistler real estate that are just now coming to the fore. We remain available to discuss what’s happened to us as a cautionary tale.

We promise to keep building out this effort. Since thus far the City of Whistler hasn’t shown much interest in addressing the Phase 2 problem, we plan on covering the Whistler real estate market closely for some time.

Thanks again all……look for more content and information next week.

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