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Beware At Whistler Website – Week 1 Recap

Just a quick note to thank everybody for their support , comments and retweets this last week. As you all know we launched  www.beware-at-whistler.com this last week and in doing this we learned a lot. First we apologize that our site was loading slowly. We hadn’t anticipated as much traffic as we had. We are adding additional bandwidth to handle the… [read more]

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Starved Out At Whistler

My name is Peter Kosick.  I am 83 years old, and was starved out of my real estate because the Whistler City Council enabled it. I am a Vancouver resident and a born and raised Canadian. Please be careful of calamitous Phase 2 Whistler real estate purchases.  I lost $780,000.  I had my property used by a rental manager for more than a… [read more]

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We Love Whistler, But…..

Every participant in this website loves Whistler and thinks it is a world class resort. That is why we all bought real estate in Whistler. Many of us have been vacationing in Whistler with our families for over 20 years. Others who live internationally have been traveling from Singapore, the United Kingdom, South Africa and California for countless Christmas, Spring… [read more]

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