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Manager Ultimatum – Take My Deal or Get Sued

We launched this website www.beware-at-whistler.com in the last few weeks to warn others of the economic and political risk of investing in Whistler Phase 2 real estate.  If you read “The Problem” section of this website you will fully understand why. This post is about how the manager continues to try to force people to work with him. In recent days… [read more]

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Beware At Whistler – Growing Social

As we finish up our 3rd week since launching www.beware-at-whistler.com, our website and social media continues to help us reach new audiences. We all know that Whistler is a world class resort and the interest in this City both as a tourist destination but also as a potential investment opportunity, continues to capture peoples interest. As you read our blog, you… [read more]

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