The Solution

BAW4.2Whistler will not maintain its position as a world-class resort unless its political leadership, and in particular its Mayor, its City Administrator and its City Council, prevent professional investors from exploiting RMOW rules to disrupt Whistler’s real estate model.

Whistler has built approximately 5000 units under the Phase 2 Model, but unless the RMOW is willing to ensure that its model works, investors from B.C. and around the world will wisely stay away.

RMOW Must Take Responsibility For Its Rules

In our case, we have asked the RMOW repeatedly whether it intends for its covenant to enable a manager to take over individuals’ property, not pay them for its use, and lock them out.  The reason the RMOW’s view is so important is that the courts won’t act unless they get a clear response from the RMOW about how it views its own covenant. This seems like a reasonable ask of a government – city leaders around the globe make tougher decisions every day. As long as the RMOW attempts to stay out of the fray, it enables abuse of its real estate model.

What Affects Us Affects You

Our situation involves one especially aggressive investor, but given Whistler’s size and prominence in the world tourism industry, it’s also foreseeable that another of the RMOW’s many covenants may yet be abused just as happened here.  Unless the RMOW is willing to take responsibility for its own covenants and contracts, what happened to us could happen to any investor.  Whistler’s model is vulnerable and investors understandably might expect that as the architect and the arbiter of its rules, the RMOW would take responsibility for that.

Until Whistler’s Mayor, City Council and City Administrator prevent their covenant from being misused, there will be no resolution to this unfortunate situation.  There will be no confidence that Whistler is a safe place to invest and with good reason.

Whistler’s Model Depends On The RMOW Doing Its Job

If you’re interested in whether or not Phase II investments can work in Whistler, below is the group that can tell you.  They have the power, if they chose to use it, to prevent abuse of their rules.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 9.03.10 PM

Mayor :

Nancy Wilhelm-Morden –

Chief Administrator:

Mike Furey –


Jack Crompton –

Jayson Faulkner –

John Grills –

Duane Jackson –

Andree Janyk –

Roger McCarthy –


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