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Investor Friendly vs Dog Friendly

Thanks to the several people who wrote us after seeing our blog this week “Is Whistler Safe for Investors?” and referenced another recent article that Whistler had just won the title of ” The Most Dog-Friendly Ski Town.“ Well, it’s Friday and the end to a long week. Perhaps a little humor (and some sarcasm) is what is needed. Since… [read more]

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Is Whistler Investor Friendly?

It seems like a fair question to ask. After all Whistler is a world famous ski resort and was host to events like the 2010 Winter Olympics. It is certainly a great place to ski, snowboard, mountain bike, hike, golf and a whole host of other great activities. Which makes it a great place to vacation. And there are certainly… [read more]

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No Access To Your Own Whistler Property….What?

Investors in our Whistler Phase 2 project, the Nita Lake Lodge, come from British Columbia, Ontario, the United Kingdom, Mexico, the United States, Singapore, and South Africa. Some of us grew up near Whistler. More about us here. After several years since investing in this Whistler Phase 2 property, most of our friends, neighbors and co-workers have come to know… [read more]

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Does Whistler Follow Their Own Covenant?

Recent blogs have focused on the Phase 2 covenant in Whistler, and how in our case a manager is using the covenant to shield incredibly aggressive behavior. While individual Whistler government officials have at times has seemed quite sympathetic to the situation, their public comments have steadfastly maintained “this is not our problem, this is a dispute between private parties.”… [read more]

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