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Another Phase 2 Headache – Tax

Whether you are a local investor or live abroad and simply want to own a piece of real estate in Whistler, you have to pay tax. Owning property, as is usual, requires that you adhere to the local regulations pay strata fees, maintenance fees, Tourism Whistler fees and, of course, income tax. At best, this requires some organization and administration… [read more]

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Whistler Covenant – Please Just Administer It

After last weeks article in the Whistler Pique, we received some feedback from Whistler locals, real estate agents and local business owners. We thank people for writing in. It seems that some have interpreted our message to the City of Whistler (RMOW) as us asking them to get rid of the Phase 2 covenant altogether. Absolutely not – and we… [read more]

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Beware At Whistler Website – Week 2 Recap

So we’ve just completed our 2nd week since launching the website We really didn’t want to have to do this. But after approaching the City of Whistler (RMOW), the Mayor and City Council about our situation and asking for their help for more than 2 years, all we got from the RMOW was avoidance.  We feel we need to… [read more]

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