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From Whistler Visitor to Real Estate Investor

As we continue to study the Whistler Economic Initiative (EPI) report, it clearly shows that Whistler is a very significant economy. With over $1B in annual expenditures and $1.3B in GDP, Whistler is a meaningful part of British Columbia’s overall economy. Whistler’s economy, not surprisingly, is driven by what the Whistler EPI report refers to as “Destinational Visitors.” These visitors… [read more]

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Whistler Visitors – Where Do They Stay?

As you read the Whistler Economic Partnership Initiative (EPI) report, it doesn’t take very long to conclude that the vast majority of the total spending at Whistler is largely driven by “Destinational Visitors.” In fact  “Destinational Visitors” comprise 68% or $867M of a total $1.3B in revenue spent in the Resort. This shouldn’t be surprising as Whistler is a large… [read more]

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Whistler’s EPI Report – Avoiding the Issues

Recently the RMOW provided an update on it’s progress since its Economic Progress Report from October 2013 Report .  As many locals may know, the EPI Report is a full-blown foundational attempt by Whistler to restore growth and lustre to the resort and the community. It’s (allegedly) a holistic look at what Whistler needs to do to maintain its leadership… [read more]

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