Investor Friendly vs Dog Friendly

BAW4.2Thanks to the several people who wrote us after seeing our blog this week “Is Whistler Safe for Investors?” and referenced another recent article that Whistler had just won the title of ” The Most Dog-Friendly Ski Town.

Well, it’s Friday and the end to a long week. Perhaps a little humor (and some sarcasm) is what is needed.

Since we Whistler Phase 2 real estate owners are currently locked out of our property by the manager of the Nita Lake Lodge (who says the City’s covenant enables him)……that means that both my dog and I are locked out of the Whistler units we own.

So with a little tongue-in-cheek, we ask…

Is Whistler really friendlier for dogs than real estate investors?

Apparently not  for the dogs and owners locked out of their Whistler Phase 2 real estate at the Nita Lake Lodge.

A little “dog food” for thought  🙂

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